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About Us

A little bit more about Hostero Inc.

Profit after customer satisfaction.

Hostero project started in 2019, and the same year developers started their work on Hostero. Developing finished in 2022, in the same year Hostero is registered as an company, Hostero LLC. Hostero is launched with thought that profit should not the top company goal, and instead that should be customer satisfaction. One look at our product specs & prices can give you hint that we follow that thought, and performances & friendly support will confirm it. We are aiming to give you the best possible service for the lowest prices in the market. All our infrastructure use the newest AMD EPYC™ processors and most recent Samsung SSDs.

  • 24/7 friendly & fast support
  • Most recent hardware infrastructure
  • Stable & fast connection
  • 99,99% uptime guaranteed
  • Fantastic Linux administrators team
  • E-Mail support
  • Lowest prices in the market
  • Free migrations
  • Live chat support
  • Social Media support
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Our Data centers Location

Current datacenter locations, we will add more soonly, based on your interest!

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24/7 Expert Hosting Support Our Customers Love

24/7 friendly, fast, and emphatic support team will never let you down!

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Simple rule: Customer is king

We're company strongly following one simple rule - Customer is king and always will be. We are always open to listening to your suggestions, and your critics. We always want to improve, and we can make Hostero even better together!

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We will always work for your success, always.

We may be new in the business, but our talented team will never let you down. Our team will work for your success. We will always try to give you best possible prices, even if we lose money. We will take care that your services are always up, running and top of performance. We will help you with any problem you face. We will host your success!

Hostero - Host of your success