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Hosting Affiliate Program

We offer easy to use affiliate system, with great commisions!

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High Commissions with anytime cashout

After reaching €20.00 EUR withdraw money any time at any day. Payout after 30 minutes!

  • €0.10 per new client registration
  • Recurring 20% commision
  • Withdraw every €20.00
  • First sale commision 25%
  • Products cost over €4.00 / 60% First sale

How does Hostero Affiliates system work?

Create your Affiliates account at Hostero Panel, you will get custom link which will log all data you achieve with link. You will be able to see all stats, new client registration, and track products which clients bought and were referred by you.

You can withdraw when you earn at least €20.00 EUR. Recurring commisions are paid every time your referral extend service with Hostero. At first sale you will get 25% of price, and 60% of first sale at products priced over €4.00 EUR.

Best Features For Affiliate Success

Fully transparent pricing, be paid off without any fees.

Monitor your referals

Hostero Panel will log in real time any registrations or purchases by your refferal.

Get custom Hostero partner banner

If you own website, get custom Hostero partner banner, which will be created by our marketing team.

Fast payoff

Be paid off in 30 minutes from withdraw request.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Most common questions for our Affiliate program.

With one click! Go to Hostero Panel, navigate to affiliates, and request your affiliate link.

We accept your payout request instantly, it might take 3 days to money arrive, up to 7 days depending on bank.

Every time your affiliate renew a product, and pay monthly fee, you will get percentage of it.

You will get smaller fee and percentage if your affiliate use coupon or promotions.